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 Songs I wrote #1

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PostSubject: Songs I wrote #1   Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:49 pm

I'll start doing these as a whenever-I-fell-like-it sort of thing. I write lyrics for songs, only finished three in my life, working on many others.
Once in a while I'll post one on here with a thread similar to this, I want you to tell me what you think.

Death is in the air, today it's all I know.
Memories so clear, of this day so long ago.
What is this despair, I've held in secrecy?

Enter the lion's den; memories destroy my sanity.
I think I'm losing it, it's screaming in my head-
Will I make it through?

How does this pain
deal with itself, how does it reach me from beyond
the dead?
And I hate my disguise;
The mask I have to wear just to make it through today.

My truth is telling lies,
concerning her demise.
I cannot take the itching feeling
that I could have helped her silent cries.

Enter the lion's den;
memories destroy my sanity.
I think I'm losing it,
it's screaming in my head-
Can we make it through?
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Songs I wrote #1
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