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 Sonic The Hedgehog/MLP: Friendship Lives On chapters 1-4)

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PostSubject: Sonic The Hedgehog/MLP: Friendship Lives On chapters 1-4)   Sonic The Hedgehog/MLP: Friendship Lives On chapters 1-4) EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 4:59 pm

Chapter 1: New Adventure

On the planet Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog was on his afternoon run until he sensed something strange. He took out the Chaos Emeralds and saw that they were glowing more than usual. "What's going on with the Chaos Emeralds?" He asked himself. Sonic went to go see Shadow what is wrong with them.
Sonic found Shadow at the Station Square G.U.N. H.Q. "Hey Shadow." Sonic said as he entered the control room.
"What do you want, Sonic?" Shadow asked, a bit annoyed that Sonic was here and he was interrupted from his work. "I was in the middle of something."
"I wanted to see if you knew anything about the Chaos Emeralds acting strange." Sonic then pulled out the seven Chaos Emeralds and showed them to Shadow. The emeralds were glowing even more than they were earlier.
"WHAT?!" yelled Sonic, in disbelief. "HOW DO WE STOP IT?!"
"We can't. Once it has already started to happen, there is no way to stop it."
Sonic sighed. "Looks like we're going on another adventure." And with that said, a bright light emitted from the Chaos Emeralds covered the entire room and Sonic and Shadow were transported to another world. When the light died down, Sonic and Shadow found themselves in a throne room. They sensed the Chaos Emeralds were scattered throughout this world, but Sonic had somehow managed to keep the blue emerald.
The hedgehogs looked around and saw that there were armored ponies surrounding them. These ponies were all unicorns and their horns were glowing and pointing at the hedgehogs.
There were also two alicorns at the thrones. One was white with a slight tinge of pink in her coat. Her mane was flowing as if it were in the wind and ranged from turquoise to light pink. Her eyes were magenta and there was a mark of the sun on her flank. She wore a gold tiara, a gold neck piece, and gold shoes.
The other alicorn was the younger sister of the white alicorn. Her coat and mane were a midnight blue and her mane had the same effect as her sister's. Her eyes were cyan and she also whore a black tiara, black neck piece, and light blue shoes.
"Shall I give the word to attack Princess?" asked a white unicorn stalion. He wore light purple armor and not much of his body could be seen: his neck, eyes, legs, and flank. His coat was a snowy white, his eyes were a light blue, and there was a mark on his flank as well; it was a shield.
"No Shining Armor" said the white alicorn. "I wish to talk to our 'visitors'. They might not be hostile" She and her sister then started to walk to Sonic and Shadow. She stopped five feet from them.
"Hello you two. I am Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria. This here is my little sister Luna" said the white alicorn.
"Who might thou be, strange creatures?" asked Luna.
"Im Sonic the Hedgehog, the Fastest Thing Alive" said Sonic pointing a thumb to himself.
"I am the world's Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog" said Shadow.
"Its very nice to meet you, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna" Sonic said.
"Its very nice to meet you too" Celestia said. "But I would like to know why you are here?"

Chapter 2:

"I think the reason why we are here is because of this" Sonic then showed the two princesses the blue Chaos Emerald.
"A gem?" asked Luna.
"Not just any gem" Shadow started to explain. "Its a Chaos Emerald, one of seven"
The mention of the word "Chaos" reminded the princesses of Discord, the Spirit of Chaos that used to rule Equestria before Celestia and Luna. He was defeated and sealed in stone. He broke free 1000 years later and tried to take Equestria back, but was again sealed in stone. He was then released a few years later and Discord is now working with Celestia and her #1 student to help make the world a better place. They let Shadow continue.
"Each emerald is filled with an unlimited amount of power. With their power, the Chaos Emeralds can power machinery or give someone an extreme amount of power. If one is to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds and are able to harness their power, they can transform into an almost invincible form. They are given the power of flight, super strength, and is able to move almost as fast as light. The Chaos Emeralds' power is also so unstable that it can cause global changes"
"That sounds horrible. How are they not doing that to Equestria?" asked Celestia.
"There is also another gem called the Master Emerald. The Master Emerald was created by the gods themselves to make sure the Chaos Emeralds' power is kept under control. To make sure the Master Emerald is able to do that, it has to have an infinite amount of power"
"So are the Chaos Emeralds in good hooves, or should I say hands?" asked Celestia
"Well, we only have one right now Princess, but yes" said Sonic. "The other six Chaos Emeralds are scattered throughout Equestria. Me and Shadow will have to recollect them before they fall into the wrong possesion"
"Will you need help finding them?" asked Luna.
"We dont know for sure. But we will take the help" said Shadow.
"Good. I think my personal student and her friends will be able to assist you. She lives in Ponyville, its just south of here" said Celestia. "I will send her a letter that you will be coming"
"Thank you your Highness" said Sonic. He then turned to Shadow. "Well, lets go"
Shadow nodded in agreement before the two hedgehogs took off at the speed of sound. That left everyone in the room in shock.
"I think they will meet up with Rainbow Dash first. What do you think big sister?" asked Luna.
"I think so too. Seeing how fast those two are I think she will want to race them" Celestia said while writing her letter to her student.
While her sister was writing her letter, Luna couldnt stop thinking about Shadow. Was she developing a crush? She blushed slightly at the idea. As Sonic and Shadow were speeding towards Ponyville at the speed of sound, they sped past a sky blue pegasus who was sleeping on a cloud. She had a rainbow mane, violet eyes, and a mark of a storm cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt on her flank.
She looked very surprised at the hedgehogs' speed and got an idea. She then sped off and caught up to Sonic and Shadow.
They were very surprised at the pegasus' speed. "Hey there" said the pegasus, now flying next to Sonic.
Sonic and Shadow then stopped running. The pegasus went a bit farther then came back. "You guys are fast. I never met anyone as fast as me. Who are you?" asked the pegasus.
"Im Sonic and this is my friend Shadow. And you are?"
"Im Rainbow Dash, the fastest flier in all of Equetria"
"Fastest, huh? Well Rainbow Dash, you arent faster than me or Shadow" said Sonic.
Rainbow didnt believe this. She wanted to prove to this guy that she is the fastest. "How about we race then to see who really is the fastest?"
Sonic liked that idea. "Sure, Im down. How about you Shadow? You want to race?"
"No thanks. Besides Sonic we got something we need to do, remember?" asked Shadow.
"Yeah I know. How about you go do that and I can go meet up with you later?"
"Fine" Shadow groaned. Then the black hedgehog sped off into Ponyville.
"So Dash where you want to race? Im sure you know a lot Equestia more than me" Sonic said.
Rainbow Dash looked around until she spotted a mountain in the north. Sonic looked in the direction she was looking at and noticed the palace he was in before meeting with Rainbow Dash was built into the mountain. It also looked pretty far away. He knew where this was heading.
"How about we race to that mountain?" asked Rainbow.
"Fine with me" said Sonic, grinning. He then got in his running stance. "Ready... Set... GO!" Then Sonic and Rainbow Dash were off.
Rainbow took off at full speed leaving Sonic behind. She looked back and saw that the gap between the two was slightly getting bigger. She knew she was going to win.
Just then, a Rainbow Dash saw a blue blur go by. She looked and saw Sonic in the lead running backwards. Sonic was smiling.
"Come on Rainbow, step it up" said Sonic. Sonic then turned back around and started to run faster.
Rainbow Dash then got an idea. She was halfway to the mountain before she started to fly up. When Rainbow was at the desired hight, she started to fly down very fast. A mock cone started to form around Rainbow Dash until...
BOOM! Rainbow Dash just broke the sound barrier shooting her like a rocket leaving a rainbow explosion behind her. It was the Sonic Rainboom. Now she was easily catching up to Sonic.
Sonic looked back to see what was that sound and saw Rainbow catching up fast. Sonic smirked and started to do his Sonic Boost causing him to break the sound barrier. Sonic easily sped away from the pegasus.
Within two minutes, Sonic made it to the mountain. fifteen seconds later, Rainbow Dash maade it to the mountain as well.
Rainbow Dash saw a victorious smile on Sonic's face. "Took you long enough" said Sonic. "I told you you werent faster than me"
Rainbow Dash looked totaly shocked that her Sonic Rainboom wasnt enough to win. "How could I lose? I cant believe this" Rainbow said to herself. She then had a sad look on her face.
Sonic noticed this and went to go comfort Rainbow. "Whats wrong Dashie?" said Sonic, putting a hand on Rainbow's back.
Rainbow noticed the nickname Sonic gave her but ignored it. "I lost. Im no longer considered the fastest anymore"
"Come on Dashie, dont say that. I may be faster than you, but you said you were the fastest flier in Equestria. I cant take that from you, I cant fly"
That seemed to do the trick, because Rainbow Dash smiled at that and hugged Sonic. "Thanks Sonic"
"No problem Dashie" Sonic said, returning the hug.
After a bit, they let go of each other, blushing a little. "So, I'll see you later Dashie" said Sonic, running off to Ponyville.

Chapter 3:

While Sonic was running to Ponyville, a royal blue energy ball came for Sonic. Sonic was able to dodge it and see who attacked him. He looked at in the sky to see a hedgehog. He looked exactly like Sonic and Shadow if they were one being.
The hedgehog had gray fur, royal blue eyes, and shoes like Sonic's but gray. His quills were like Sonic's but had markings like Shadow's, but his were royal blue instead of red. Like Shadow's gold inhibitor rings on his wrists, this hedgehog wore them as well, but they were gray, he wore Sonic's gloves, and had all of the abilities of Sonic and Shadow. That means, he can match Sonic's speed. When Sonic realized who this hedgehog was, he went wide-eyed.

(Play Emergence of the Haunted, Bleach. A.K.A Seelkadoom the Hedgehog's theme)

"S-S-Seelkadoom!?" asked Sonic in utter shock. "How are you alive? Me and Shadow killed you!"
"Come now brother, you and I both know that I can withstand injuries much more fatal than those were" said the gray hedgehog in a voice that sounded a bit deeper than Shadow's. "I have come for the Chaos Emeralds, and I sense you have one of them. You best hand it over or I will take it by force"
"I'll never give you the Chaos Emeralds!" Sonic replied.
"What a shame Sonic. Im afraid I'll have to kill you for you to hand it over now" said Seelkadoom. He then charged at Sonic at super sonic speeds. When he was close enough to Sonic, Seelkadoom punched Sonic in the gut. This caused Sonic to drop the Chaos Emerald he was holding. Seelkadoom then dropped Sonic and walked over to thr emerald.
Seelkadoom was about to pick it up until it was snatched away by Sonic running at the speed of sound. Seelkadoom was annoyed at this and sped off after Sonic going even faster than Sonic.
When Seelkadoom was right next to Sonic, he round-house kicked him in the head. Sonic, again, dropped the Chaos Emerald. Instead of going for the emerald, Seelkadoom went and attacked Sonic multiple times with energy balls and melee attacking. When Seelkadoom stopped, Sonic was badly injured.
Now that Sonic couldnt stop Seelkadoom, he went to get the Chaos Emerald. "Thank you for not putting up much of a fight Sonic" said Seelkadoom. "Since Im in a good mood, I'll let you live... for now" Seelkadoom then teleported away.

(Music Ends)

"Darn it" said Sonic. He stood up with lots of pain in his body and turned towards Ponyville before going unconsious. Rainbow Dash had seen the whole scene on her way home after the race. She was shocked to see this happen.
She flew over to Sonic and saw him bruised all over his body. He more than likely had some broken bones and he was bleeding in some parts of his chest, head and arms. Rainbow Dash became teary eyed at this and got Sonic on her back. She groaned at the sudden weight but was able to lift the hurt hedgehog. She then flew off to go find Shadow to see if he can help Sonic.
Rainbow Dash found Shadow walking beside a lavender unicorn. Her mane was a dark purple with lighter shades of purple highlights. Her eyes were slightly brighter than her mane and the mark on her flank was a splash of magic. This was Rainbow Dash's friend Twilight.
"Shadow, I need your help. Sonic is badly injured" said Rainbow, worried about the blue hedgehog. She showed Sonic to the black hedgehog. Sonic's condition surprised him.
"Rainbow Dash?" asked Twilight. "Who is this? How did this happen?"
"Thats not important right now" said Shadow, taking Sonic in his arms. "Sonic needs medical attention"
Sonic groaned and woke up a little. "Shadow" Sonic said in pain. "Shadow, HE is back. And he took my Chaos Emerald" Sonic then went unconsious again. What Sonic said put fear into Shadow, which is a rare thing Shadow experinces.
"Sonic" whispered Rainbow Dash. She then found herself crying a little, which no one noticed.
When Sonic woke up, he found himself in a hospital bed. He sat up and put his left hand to his forehead. That turned out to be a mistake because it hurt Sonic to move.
"AAAHHH!" screamed Sonic as he held his left arm. Luckily his right arm didnt hurt as much as his left. Sonic looked at himself and saw that he was bandaged on his arms, legs, chest, and over his right eye. He had a black eye on his good eye and a cast on his left arm. Sonic looked around and saw his X-rays. His left arm was broken, a few bruised ribs, and the right side of his head had a not too severe gash from Seelkadoom's attacks.
Sonic then heard hoof steps coming. Shadow, Rainbow Dash, and a lavender unicorn entered his hospital room. "Hey guys" said Sonic still holding his left arm. "Who's the unicorn?"
"Im Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's most faithful student. Shadow has told me who you are Sonic the Hedgehog" said the unicorn. "Dang, you look pretty hurt"
"I've had worse days. I'll manage" said Sonic.
Then Rainbow Dash hugged Sonic suddenly. "Im glad your OK Sonic" Sonic gladly returned the hug. She knew that Shadow and Twilight were looking at her strangely but she didnt care, she only cared about Sonic at the moment.
When Rainbow let go, she saw Twilight giggling and Shadow smiling, both trying to hide their laughter. Sonic saw this too and both of them blushed.
"So Sonic, you want to tell us who did this to you?" asked Twilight
Sonic got an angry look in his eye before explaining about what happened to him. When he was done explaining, everyone looked worried.
"Wait. Who is this Seelkadoom guy?" asked Rainbow Dash, angry that he hurt Sonic.
"Seelkadoom was created by someone from our world named Dr. Eggman" said Shadow. "Eggman created Seelkadoom using mine and Sonic's DNA. He is supposedly faster than Sonic, he has my abilities to to use Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, basicly any technique I can use, and has an unlimited source of energy"
"The last time me and Shadow fought him, we barely got out of there alive. We were lucky to have defeated him last time" said Sonic. "We had to use something called the Chaos Emeralds to beat him, but those were barely enough to finish him off"
"What are the Chaos Emeralds exactly?" said Twilight.
When Sonic and Shadow gave the two ponies the same explanation as they gave the princesses, they were amazed at what the Chaos Emeralds can do, especially Twilight. She wanted to find out as much information as possible, but knew that she wouldnt get very much information, if not, any.
After visitor hours were over, Shadow asked if he could stay at Twilight's house. She said yes because she wanted to get more info about the Chaos Emeralds, and Shadow didnt have a place to stay. Rainbow Dash went home, thinking about Sonic.
At night, Rainbow Dash had a dream about her and Sonic running/flying through a grassy field together. They stopped at the top of a big hill. At the top of the hill was a big oak tree. They rested under it, snuggling together. The looked at each other before kissing.
Rainbow slept peacefully with a big smile on her face.
Sonic on the other hand had a nightmare about Seelkadoom.

(Play Final Fantasy, Sephiroth's theme)

A two-tailed orange fox, pink hedgehog, cream rabbit and her blue pet, and red echidna all laid dead and bloody around Seelkadoom. Shadow, Sonic, and a silver hedgehog named Silver surrounded Seelkadoom, all looking worn out from fighting. They all had bruises, scratches, and blood stains. Seelkadoom looked like he never even got touched.
"AHAHAHAHA!" laughed Seelkadoom evilly. "You three cant beat me. Lets face it, you havent even touched me from when we started this fight. Its a pitty you have to die so young like all of your friends" Seelkadoom then fired an energy attack at Silver which killed him when it exploded. He did the same to Shadow. He faced Sonic and charged at him ready to end his life in one punch. Before Seelkadoom's fist made contact with his chest, Sonic bolted upright in his hospital bed.

(Music Ends)

"It was only a dream" Sonic said to himself, shaking and sweating out of fear. He looked out his window and saw that it was daytime. Sonic then looked at the clock and saw that it said 12:30.

Chapter 4:

Sonic was in the hospital for three more days, surprisingly. His injuries should have taken at least two weaks to completely heal. During the first day, Sonic was visited by Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and four of their friends. They were a yellow pegasus, a white unicorn, an orange pony, and a pink pony.
The yellow pegasus was named Fluttershy. Her mane was a bubble gum pink, her eyes were azure, and her mark was three pink butterflies. The white unicorn's name was Rarity. Rarity's mane was a indigo-purple. Her eyes were cyan and her mark was three gemstones. The orange pony was Applejack. Her mane was blonde tied at the end with a red string, she wore a cowboy's hat, her eyes were apple green, and her mark was three red apples. The pink pony was Pinkie Pie. Her mane was a hot pink, her eyes were light blue, and her mark was three party balloons.
Fluttershy gasped at how Sonic looked when she entered. She flew up to him andinspected him.
"Oh you poor dear" Fluttershy said. "You look baddly hurt. Are you ok?"
"Im fine" said Sonic. The other five walked in and Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie also gasped at how Sonic looked. Rainbow Dash was upset still that Sonic had to go through what happened to him. Somehow, the pain, if there were any, didnt even bother the blue hedgehog.
"Hey Rainbow Dash, hey Twilight" said Sonic, smiling that Dash had come. Rainbow also smiled.
"Hey Sonic" they both said in unison.
"So this is that fella Sonic you told us about, eh Rainbow. He sure can take a beatin" said Applejack.
"Yep, thats me. The Fastest Thing Alive" said Sonic, pointing a thumb at himself with his good arm. "And before you say anything, I beat Rainbow Dash in a race to prove i was faster" Everyone but Rainbow and Twilight went wide-eyed.
"What!?" asked Pinkie. "How can anyone beat Rainbow Dash in a race? Especially one who was hurt!"
"PINKIE!" said Rainbow Dash. "Its alright. I dont care if he won. Besides, he wasnt hurt before we raced. Some hedgehog named Seelkadoom did this to him" Sonic gritted his teeth at the reminder of Seelkadoom.
"Oooooohhhhhh" said Pinkie.
"Say, I didnt catch your names" Sonic said gesturing to Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie.
"Im Rarity. I run the Carousel Boutique in Ponyville. If you need a new outfit, I'll be glad to make you one"
"Im Fluttershy. Its really a shame that your hurt Sonic"
"Its no big deal. I'll heal.
"Ahm Applejack. Ah work down at Sweet Apple Acres, home of some of the sweetest apples in Equestria"
"Im Pinkie Pie. Wow its so cool that you are faster than Rainbow. When your fully healed, can you show me your speed?" asked Pinkie, putting her forehooves on Sonic's chest by accident.
"AAAAAHHHHH" Sonic shouted in pain while grabbing his chest. Pinkie then quickly put her hooves back on the ground.
"Opps. Im very sorry. I didnt mean to hurt you even more" Pinkie apologized.
After the pain went away, Sonic said "Its OK. And sure, I'll show you my speed when Im healed"
"Oh that reminds me Sonic" Twilight said as she brought out the red Chaos Emerald with her magic, which Rairty gasped at the sight. "Shadow found this Chaos Emerald earlier this morning. He wanted me to give it to you. Shadow said that its power will heal you within two more days"
"Sweet" said Sonic taking the Chaos Emerald. "Tell Shadow I said thanks"
"My Sonic, what is that magnificent gem you got there?" aske Rarity as Sonic put the Chaos Emerald on the table beshide his bed. "Surely you can give it to me. I can probably make a dress out if it"
That made Sonic's ears perk up. "Make a dress? No, no, no, no. The Chaos Emeralds are much too danderous if someone dosnt know how to use them correctly. Im sorry Rarity, but I cant give you the Chaos Emerald"
That dissapointed Rarity. "OK then" she said to herself.
"I almost forgot Sonic, Princess Celestia and Luna wants to see all of us including Shadow when you are fully healed" Twilight said, while walking out the room. "See you in two days" Everyone else also left. Rainbow waited for everyone to leave before kissing Sonic.
"See ya Sonic" Rainbow said looking at Sonic lovingly and leaving. That surprised Sonic a LOT. He did not expect that at all one bit. But he liked it as well.
As the next two days went by, for Sonic they went by fast. Rainbow visited him from the begining of visitor hours, to the end. Sonic enjoyed her company. It not only kept him from going bord, but he really wanted to spend time with her alone.
While Rainbow was visiting, Sonic told her all of his adventures. He always liked telling people about his adventures. Rainbow Dash was amazed that Sonic not only saved his planet, but saved it more than once.
Sonic also told Rainbow about his friends back in his world. She thought it was interesting that Sonic's friends also help Sonic in his adventures. She also thought it was kind of nice how Sonic's best friend is also considered his "liitle brother".
As the time passed, Sonic noticed his body healing a lot. The gash on his head and left arm were fully healed by noon of the second day. His ribs were feallying a little better and he could breath more easily. He was surprised that the doctors removed his cast when they knew his arm was healed and that they took the bandage off his head. That felt much better for Sonic for now he can stretch his other arm and see better.
By morning of the third day, Sonic's body had fully recovered. At 12:15, he was checked out of the hospital.
When Sonic got outside of the hospital, he started running. He started to sense a Chaos Emerald and started to head that way until he heard Rainbow Dash call him. Sonic stopped and turned towards where Rainbow called him.
Rainbow landed near Sonic with a smile on her face. Sonic smiled back at her. "Hey Sonic. Where are you headed?"
Sonic turned back the way he was running. "I sense a Chaos Emerald in that direction. I think its by the palace" Rainbow took a good look at what Sonic was looking at and noticed that he was looking in the direction to the castle.
"Were going there anyways, remember?" asked Rainbow Dash. "Since everyone knew you were getting out of the hospital today, we are all meeting up at the train station"
"OK then. Lets go" Sonic said.
"Follow me, I know where the train station is" Rainbow said before flying off towards the train station. Sonic followed keeping running by her side. Rainbow then realized that this was just like her dream from a few days ago.
The two speedsters kept heading to the train station for about a minute. When they got there, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie, and Shadow were all waiting for the two to get there.
"Took you long enough. I thought you were the world's fastest hedgehog Sonic" said Shadow leaning against the train.
"Hey, I just got out of the hospital. Give me a breake" said the blue hedgehog. "I also sensed a Chaos Emerald at the palace"
"Maybe the princesses found one" suggested Pinkie Pie.
"Thats what I thought. We better get going"
On the train, Sonic was telling the ponies about his adventures. He even told them about Eggman and his adventure to stop Seelkadoom. It took about two hours to tell them all of it, and by then, they were only halfway to the castle. Sonic then got an idea.
"Hey Pinkie Pie, you still want to see my speed?" asked Sonic.
"Oh Id love to!" answered Pinkie. "But how are you going to show me inside the train?"
"Just look out the window and you'll see" Sonic said as he got up and headed for the door to the train car.
After a few seconds, the ponies all saw Sonic running next to the train. Everyone but Rainbow Dash were all shicked to see Sonic moving that fast. Sonic looked at them and smiled before doing his Sonic Boost and making a Sonic Boom. The Sonic Boom was so loud that it made all the little critters scurry.
Unknown to everyone, the boom had caught Seelkadoom's attention. He was in the Everfree Forest by an old palace. He was busy rebuilding it with his telekanesis. He using his flying ability to get the higher part of the palace.
Seelkadoom turn towards the sound before saying "Hmph. Sonic is on one of his runs. He shouldnt have recomvered from his wounds by now. Oh well. I'll think I'll give Sonic another vistit" Seelkadoom then flew off towards Sonic taking his time.
After he caused the Sonic Boom, Sonic went ahead to the palace. He gogt there in an hour and waited at the train station. He also learned the name of the town the palace was built by. It was named Canterlot.
Sonic waited for two hours striaght, literally running up and down the mountain out of bordom. When the train arrived, Sonic was thankful that he didnt have to wait any longer.
"Finally" graoned the impatient hedgehog as the train stopped in front of him. The door to the train opened and Shadow and the ponies came out of the train. Sonic was tapping his foot with his arms crossed.
"Can we get to the palace now because Im waaaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiiiiing " Sonic said as he turned and walked into town. The others followed him with Rainbow Dash walking close to Sonic.
As they walked Sonic, Shadow, and their new friends saw a lot of high class ponies. Some of them gave Sonic and Shadow weird looks like they were bugs or something. Neither of the hedgehogs took notice.
When they reached the castle, two of the amored pegasus gaurds were standing in front of the entrance. As the group walked up to the entrance, the guards put their wings up to stop them.
"Halt. Who are you and what business do you have here?" asked one of the gaurds.
Twilight walked up to them and adressed herself. "I am Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's personal student. The princess has asked for me and my friends to come here"
The gaurds did believe her, but not completely. They then saw Sonic and Shadow with the group.
"Ah Sonic and Shadow" said the second gaurd. "Were sorry. You may enter" The two gaurds then folded their wings to let the group pass.
The ponies then looked at Sonic and Shadow weirdly. "How did they know yall?" asked Applejack.
"When Shadow and I came to this world, we found ourselves in the throne room. The princesses didnt think we were hostile so they introduce themselves. I think they also told the guards to look out for us" Sonic explained.
They then walked into the castle. A few minutes later, they were at the throne room. When Shadow saw Luna, his heart raced. He was unsure of this emotion because never expirenced it before.
Luna got excited that Shadow was her, but she didnt let her emotions show. However, Celestia sensed her sister and guessed that her feelings were towards Shadow.
"Hello Princesses" said the group before bowing. Celestia told them to rise and when they did she spoke.
"Hello. It is great that all of you were able to make it, especially you Sonic and Shadow. I wanted to inform all of you that a grey hedgehog has been seen around the Everfree Forest. He looked like Sonic and Shadow and very threatening"
That made the two hedgehogs go wide eyed. Celestia saw this and continued. "You two know this hedgehog dont you?"
"Yes" said Shadow. "His name is Seelkadoom. He is very powerful and will stop at nothing to gain control over the world and to destroy me and Sonic"
"He is even has more power than the Chaos Emeralds. He is nearly invincible" Sonic said. That last part scared the princesses. Sonic continued. "If he collects the Chaos Emeralds, he will be too strong to stop. He already has one and so do we" That scared the princesses even more.
"You have to collect the Chaos Emeralds before this Seelkadoom does" said Luna. "If he gets them, then the world is doomed"
"Where does that leave us Princess?" asked Fluttershy.
"You must use the Elements of Harmony and protect Sonic, Shadow, and the emeralds that they collect" said Princess Celestia. She then used her magic to open a room that revealed five gold necklaces and a gold tiara. The tiara had a purple star on the top and the necklaces had a blue ballon, a pink butterfly, an orange apple, a red thunderbolt, and purple diamond. Each symbol was on a different necklace.
Twilight used her magic to grab them and place the tiara on her head. The necklace with the red thunderbolt went around Rainbow's neck, the one with the blue ballon went around Pinkie's neck, the one with the pink butterfly went around Fluttershy's neck, the one with the orange apple went around Applejack's neck, and the one with the purple diamond went around Rarity's neck.
"Also Sonic, you might need this" Luna said as she gave Sonic the cyan Chaos Emerald.
"Thanks Luna" said Sonic.
Just then an explosion came from the ceiling. When Every looked to see what happen, Seelkadoom was there, smiling wickedly. Sonic and Shadow then were filled with fear.
"Hello Sonic and Shadow. I will gladly take those Chaos Emeralds from you" Seelkadoom said.

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Chapter 5:

(Play Sonic the Hedgehog 2006-Mephiles' Whisper)

"Hello Sonic and Shadow. My Sonic, you recovered from your injuries very fast" said Seelkadoom, landing in the middle of the throne room. "I would at least thought that would have killed you"
"Hey what can I say, I die hard" Sonic replied.
"Sonic, who is this?" asked Rarity.
"Why Im Seelkadoom the Hedgehog my dear" Seelkadoom said with an grin. "Now Sonic, would you be so kind to hand over your Chaos Emeralds?"
"Over my dead body" said Sonic.
"That can be arranged" Seelkadoom said before walking toward Sonic. Rainbow Dash then got in the way of Seelkadoom. "Get out of my way, you pegasus"
"No. I wont let you hurt Sonic again" Dash said.
"Rainbow, please, get out of the way. I dont want you to get hurt because you wanted to protect me. I can win" Sonic then stepped forwad glowing yellow. The glow from Sonic got brighter until it blinded everyone in the room.
When the light subsided, everyone's jaw dropped at what they saw, with the exception of Shadow and Seelkadoom. There was a golden hedgehog with red eyes where Sonic was before the yellow light blinded everyone. The hedgehog's quills were standing up and he had a golden aura. It looked like the gold hedgehog had a determined look in his eye.
"Everyone get back now!" Shadow said as he commanded the ponies and the princesses. They all listened to the black hedgehog and followed him. Shadow led them to a safe part of the castle.

(Music Ends)

Along the way, the group met with Shining Armor, the captain of the royal gaurd. "Princess, are we under attack?" he said.
"Yes. But Im afraid this will take more than the royal gaurd" said Celestia.
"Shadow, who was that was that gold hedgehog?" asked Fluttershy.
But before Shadow could answer, the gold hedgehog came crashing through the wall. Seelkadoom came walking in through the hole in the wall.
"Are you even trying Sonic?" asked Seelkadoom.
All the ponies were shocked to know the golden hedgehog was Sonic.
"No, but you arent either" said Sonic with a grin.
"It appears so. But I must say Sonic this is fun"
"I couldnt agree more" Sonic then got up and started to fight Seelkadoom.

(Play Mephiles Boss Fight Music, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)

With his transformation, Sonic was now stronger, faster, and is able to fly. Sonic punched Seelkadoom with enough force from his momentum that Seelkadoom went flying out of the castle.
Sonic flew to were Seelkadoom was and slowed down time. He then charged up a giant ball of white energy. Sonic realesed the energy ball and it fired into a white beam. As soon as the beam hit, time went back to normal.
Seelkadoom and Sonic kept on fighting while destroying the caslte when they missed with an energy attack. Sonic managed to blast Seelkadoom with his Light Speed Attack. Sonic's speed confused Seelkadoom and Sonic ramed into his back.
"ENOUGH OF THIS!" shouted Seelkadoom. "This battle is over. DARK BLAST!" Seelkadoom then realesed a royal blue blast of energy. The attack was so big it destroyed 1/4 of the castle.
Sonic was hit with the attack and was sent falling. He landed next to Shadow, the princesses, and the ponies. Rainbow was enraged and flew up to Seelkadoom.
"Hey you" Rainbow shouted. "What makes you think that you can hurt my friend?" Seelkadoom, with his now angered state, gave Rainbow a death glare. That sent chills down her back.
"I do what I want. Now you better leave or you will surely die" said Seelkadoom.
Back on the ground, Sonic was now back to his normal form. He got up and saw Seelkadoom attacking Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash fell to the ground just barley alive. Sonic was then full of rage. His blue fur turned black, his irises faded away leaving Sonic with plain white eyes, and his quills stood up. He also was giving off a black aura.
While Sonic was transforming, Seelkadoom had came down and saw what was happening. "Another transformation Sonic? Well, like your Super Form, it wont stand a chance"
Everyone around Sonic got scared at what they saw happening to him. Sonic then looked at Seelkadoom. The grey hedgehog then felt Sonic's power and instantly got scared.

(Play Now You Crossed the Line, Dark Sonic's Theme)

"I'll make you pay for hurting Rainbow Dash!" Sonic said as he dashed towards Seelkadoom. Seelkadoom was now utterly scared, but before he could do something, Sonic started to attack him.
Sonic threw his punches and kicks so fast, not even Seelkadoom could track them. With his final hit, Sonic punched Seelkadoom so hard, he went through thr entire castle, or whats left of it.
Sonic teleported to Seelkadoom, who was near the group of ponies and Shadow. Sonic grabbed Seelkadoom by the neck and stared at him. The now hurt Seelkadoom tried to break free but Sonic's grip only got tighter and tighter. He was going to kill Seelkadoom until...
"Sonic stop"

(Music Ends)

Sonic losened his grip but not completely. He turned to see who was calling him and to his surprise, it was Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow Dash had cuts, bruises, and blood coming from her wounds. Her mane was a mess and only won of her eyes were open. Sonic turned back to Seelkadoom and said "Get out of here" He let go of the grey hedgehog. Sonic reverted back to his normal form and rushed over to Rainbow Dash.
Seelkadoom dropped to his knees holding his neck. He was terrified at what Sonic did and yet wanted revenge. He pulled out his Chaos Emerald, gaining energy from it. Sonic felt this and transformed into his Super Form and flew over to him.
"Didnt I tell you to get out of here?" Sonic asked while flying towards Seelkadoom. He stopped in front of the hurt hedgehog and then kicked him with all his might.
Seelkadoom went flying back to the Everfree Forest while dropping the Chaos Emerald. Sonic turned back to normal and picked it up. He saw Rainbow Dash started to black out and rushed to her side, catching her before she fell.

A few hours later, Rainbow Dash woke up in a hospital bed. Sonic, Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity were there. "Ow, what happened?" asked Rainbow rubbing her head this a hoof. She looked at her self and saw she was bandaged up, even her wings.
"You blacked out after I sent Seelkadoom flying" Sonic said.
"We then brought yall to the hospital" said Applejack.
"You were hurt so bad, that you looked liked Sonic when he was in the hospital" Rarity said.
"Are you OK Rainbow Dash?" asked Twilight and Fluttershy.
"Im fine. I just wish I didnt confront Seelkadoom. He really packs a punch" Rainbow said. "Have you guys found out when I'll be out of here?"
"Actually, you can go today" said Sonic.
Everyone looked at him weirdly. "Sonic, how is that possible? Rainbow Dash is badly hurt" said Pinkie.
"Yeah, Ah agree with Pinkie. There is no way Dash can get out of here with those injuries" said Applejack.
"Are you forgeting how I got out of the hospital early?" asked Sonic holding a Chaos Emerald.
Twilight thought about this for a moment before realizing what Sonic meant. "Are you suggesting you use the Chaos Emeralds you have to hael Rainbow Dash?" she asked. Sonic nodded.
"Well get on with it then" said Rainbow Dash eager to get out of bed.
Sonic got out the other two Chaos Emeralds. He gentyly tosed them in the air and stated to slowly spin around Rainbow. Sonic extended his arms and closed his eyes. Sonic channeled the emerald's energy into Rainbow Dash. The ponies stared in awe as Rainbow started to heal.
When Sonic finished, he opened his eyes and lowered his arms. The Chaos Emeralds also came back to him. "Feel better?" asked Sonic.
"Much better! Thank you Sonic" Rainbow said as she hugged Sonic.
Sonic blushed before saying "No problem Dashie"
Rainbow let go and saw the other ponies giggling. She blushed at realizing what she done. "Now then, lets remove those bandages" Sonic said. He carefully removed Rainbow Dash's badages.
When Sonic got Rainbow's bandafes off, she stretched her wings. She then noticed Shadow was gone. "Hey where Shadow?"
"He's helping the princesses and everyone else help rebuild the castle" said Pinkie. "That battle against Seelkadoom really did a number on it"
"Yes it did. If Sonic didnt fight him when he did, Seelkadoom might have destroyed Canterlot and Sonic" said Rarirty.
"No he would have" said Sonic. "Seelkadoom is a heartless monster that doesnt care about others"
That reminded Rainbow Dash of Sonic when he turned all black and didnt show any mercy for Seelkadoom. It sent a chill down her back. "Sonic, how did you transform when you were fighting Seelkadoom? And I mean both transformations"
"I'll tell you when we on our way back to Ponyville"

Chapter 6:

On the train back to Ponyville, Sonic, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rarity were on the train. Shadow stayed back in Canterlot to help finish rebuild the castle. It was almost done when the group left. The last time Sonic checked, it was 8:30 at night.
"So how were you able to transform back in Canterlot Sonic?" asked Twilight. It looked like she really wanted to know and study it.
"You remember when I told you about the Chaos Emeralds and how they can give you an ultimate transformation when all are collected?" asked Sonic. The ponies nodded. "Well that was my transformation"
"You had all the Chaos Emeralds when you transformed?" asked Pinkie Pie bouncing up and down.
"No. I was able to transform by myself. You see, a while back I was blasted by a beam made out of complete Chaos energy. My body absorbed the power and now I can transform whenever I like"
"But what about that other form Sonic?" asked Applejack.
"That beam that hit me had both possitive and negative energy. Back at the castle when I saw Rainbow Dash getting attacked by Seelkadoom, I was full of rage and used the negative energy that was inside of me. That form was my Dark Form and it is about twice as strong as my Super Form, my golden from. When I am in my Dark Form, I am very angry and plain evil. It will take a miracle to stop me, or if I come back to my senses"
The ponies stared at Sonic with complete fear. How could a hero like Sonic become evil? When they saw the hedgehog's expression was of depression, they felt bad for him knowing he has a monster inside of him.
They didnt say anything else for a while until Sonic decide to go to bed. "I think I'll go to bed" he said. Sonic yawned and went to go to the next car to go to bed.
"I think I'll hit the hay too. It is getting late" Rainbow Dash said while hovering to the next car as well. Everyone else also thought it was a good idea to sleep too.
Back in Canterlot, Shadow was busu rebuilding the castle with the help of the Chaos Emerald Sonic gave him. Within two hours, Shadow was done. It was surprising how a gem can help rebuild a big castle.
Shadow yawned and headed inside to sleep. He was about to turn the corner to go in the East Wing where his room was located when he bumped into Luna.
"My apologies Princess Luna" Shadow said.
"Its alright Shadow" Luna replied. Shadow then went walked around the princess and went to his room. Luna was watching him, thinking how mysterious the black hedgehog was. She then got romantic ideas about them two together.
"Thinking of Shadow?" asked someone right behind Luna. She jumped a bit and turned to see who it was behind her. To her surprise, it was Celestia.
"Ah n-n-n-no. Why would I-I be thinking of Shadow?" Luna said while blushing a bit.
Celestia squinted her eyes a bit. "Come on Luna, I seen you staring at Shadow all day. You have feelings for him"
"What!? I do not sister! Where did you get this idea from!?" Luna shouted at her sister, blushing even more.
Celestia started chuckling. "Luna your blushing. Its obvious you like Shadow"
Luna was blushing like mad now. Celestia was right. She did have feelings for Shadow. "Your right sister. I do like him, but what will he think? How will I tell him?"
"Just give it time little sister. The answer will be revealed soon" Celestia said, feeling that her sister had enough teasing. She then went and comforted Luna.
Luna went to bed and dreamt about Shadow. And Shadow dreamt of Luna.
In the morning, Sonic found Rainbow Dash sleeping with him. He was surprised to see her in his bed. He looked out the window and saw that the train was pulling up to the Ponyville train station.
Sonic gently woke Rainbow. When Rainbow opened her eyes and saw Sonic, she quickly got up and started to fly in place. Her face was extremely red due to her realizing what she did.
The others were waking up too and saw Rainbow's face.
"Rainbow Dash, yall feeling alright? Yall's face is more red than a red delicious apple" Applejack said.
"Im fine. Im just hot. Thats all" Rainbow said.
"Alright then. If yall say so"
The other ponies knew she was lying but went along with it. Rainbow Dash looked at Sonic who was giggling a little. "Its not funny" she said.
Sonic calmed down. "I know. The way you woke up is funny" Sonic said. He then got up and walked out of the train. When he was at the door, Sonic looked back and winked at Rainbow Dash. That made her a little giddy.
The group then went went home except Rainbow Dash who stayed by Sonic. She got an idea to show Sonic around town. "Hey Sonic, want me to show you around town?"
Sonic thought about this. He nodded as she led the way.
First, Rainbow took Sonic to Sweet Apple Acres. Sonic remembered Applejack saying she worked here, so he guessed she'll be here. And he was right.
The two speedsters found Applejack bucking apple trees. When she bucked them, all the apple fell and landed in buckets. Sonic thought this was very cool.
"Hey Applejack" said Rainbow Dash.
"Howdy Rainbow, howdy Sonic" the cowpony said. She walked over to them and Sonic looked around the farm.
"Nice farm Applejack. Might be the biggest I ever seen" Sonic said.
Applejack then got an apple and tossed it to Sonic. "Taste them. Ah gaurentee they will be the best darn apples yall eva had"
Sonic took a bite out of the apple and Applejack was right. They were the best he ever had. "Wow Applejack. This is very good"
Applejack smiled at that. "Told ya"
Sonic and Rainbow then left to continue Sonic's tour. Next was Sugarcube Corner. Rainbow said Pinkie and the Cakes work there and have some of Equestria's best baked goods.
That got Sonic really excited. He always loved baked goods, especially Amy's. When they got there, Sonic was thinking about his friends back on Mobius. He wondered what they were doing right now.
"Sonic?" asked Rainbow Dash. That pulled Sonic from his thoughts.
"I've been calling your name for about a minute. Are you OK?"
"Yeah. I was just wondering about my friends back home" he said.
"Well, we are here"
The two walked in only for Pinkie Pie to tackle Sonic. "Hiya Sonic" Pinkie said. She was smiling down at him and Sonic couldnt help but smile too.
"Hey Pinkie. Why did you tackle me? And do you mind getting off?" Sonic said. Pinkie giggled and let Sonic up.
"Sorry" Pinkie said still giggling. "Im just excited that you finally got a chance to come to Surgarcube Corner. Now you can help bake and try out our foods" Pinkie kept on rambling for a few more minutes until Sonic covered her mouth with his hand.
"OK Pinkie, I get that you are excited that Im here but can you not ramble on?" Sonic asked. The pink pony nodded.
Pinkie then got an idea. She went off and came back with a cupcake on a plate balanced on her head. "Here Sonic. Try my my new recipe I came up with. Its called the Mega Chocolate Chip" The cupcake was chocolate flavored. The icing was brown like chocolate and had big chocolate chips in it.
"That looks delicious" Sonic said as he took the cupcake. He took a bite and his expression showed satisfaction. He couldnt describe how it tasted. "AND IT IS!" Sonic then tossed the rest of the cupcake in his mouth and ate the rest in one bite.
Pinkie giggled again. "Im glad you think so because now I can sell it to everyone" Pinkie saw Rainbow's exression and it looked like she wanted a Mega Chocolate Chip too. Pinkie then got another cupcake and gave it to her. "Here you go Rainbow. I had another cupcake made for me but you can have it"
"Thanks Pinkie!" Rainbow said as she gladly took the cupcake. When she ate it, she looked like it was her first time eating something sweet. "This really is delicious!" Rainbow said with a mouth full.
"I got another recipe I that need tasting" Sonic and Rainbow Dash both looked very excited at some more sweets to eat. They followed Pinkie to the kitchen and there they saw a cake that looked like a giant donut. It had pink frosting, smaller pink donuts around it, and rainbow sprinkles. Sonic and Rainbow Dash both drooled at the sight of it. That made Pinkie burst into laughter.
Pinkie served them a piece and waited what their opinions were. "Its delicious Pinkie!" they both said in unison.
That made Pinkie's smilie grow so big that it looked impossible to have a smile that big. "What do you call this recipe?" asked Sonic, finished with his piece.
Pinkie Pie actually had to think for a few seconds. She then thought of the perfect name. "Pinkie's Donut Surprise!"
As Pinkie said that, a blue pony came in. Her mane was like a cupcake's icing with a mix of light crimson and grayish crimson. Her eyes were light rose, her mark was three cupcakes, and she wore an apron.
"Hello Pinkie. Are you coming up with new recipes for the Surgarcube Corner?" she asked.
"Hey Mrs. Cake. Yes I am. I asked Rainbow Dash and Sonic here to taste test two recipes I came up with and it was a success" Pinkie said.
Mrs. Cake looked over and saw Sonic. She was surprised that he wasnt a pony and looked very much like Shadow. "Hello Sonic" Mrs. Cake said. "I must say you look a lot like Shadow"
Sonic smiled at that. "I know. Mostly everyone I meet say that. Wait, you met Shadow?" said Sonic.
"Why yes. Though he didnt look very happy that day. He said he'd rather go out for a run" Rainbow and Pinkie giggled at the thought of that day. "Pinkie and her friends told me that you were in the hospital at the time but I never thought you would be so handsome for one who is not a pony"
Sonic slightly blushed at that. He knew she was trying to compliment him but Rainbow Dash looked a little jealous.
"Well we are going to go now" Sonic said.
"OK then. I'll make sure to tell Mr. Cake that you stopped by" Mrs. Cake said as Sonic and Rainbow left. Sonic could here Pinkie tell Mrs. Cake about her new recipes that she came up with as he and Rainbow left.
"So Rainbow Dash, where next?" Sonic asked.
"We are going to the Golden Oaks Library" Rainbow said.
Sonic groaned at the fact of a libray. He never liked reading and he never will. He had no idea why Rainbow would take him to a library. "Why a library?"
"We are going to see Twilight" Rainbow said.
"Twilight lives in a library?" asked Sonic.
"Yeah. She's a bit of an egghead"
"Kind of like my best friend"
The laughed at the fact that both of their friends were smart. When they got to the library, Rainbow knocked on the door.
A purple baby dragon answered the door. He had green scales on his stomach and back. His eyes were also green. "Hey Rainbow Dash. Hey Shadow" the baby dragon said.
"Spike this isnt Shadow. This is Sonic" Rainbow said correcting the dragon.
"Oh, well, hey Sonic. Im Spike, Twilight's #1 assistant" Spike said. He then let them in. Sonic and Rainbow Dash saw Twilight reading a big book.
Twilight looked up and saw them. She smiled that she had company. "Hey Sonic and Rainbow Dash" she said. "Whats up?"
As Rainbow Dash was explaining what she and Sonic were doing, Sonic saw Spike holding a purple gem. Sonic realized what the gem was. It was a Chaos Emerald!
"SPIKE, YOUR HOLDIN G A CHAOS EMERALD!" Sonic shouted, pointing at the gem in Spike's claw.
Spike looked at the gem and back to Sonic. He had a confused look on his face. "A Chaos What?"
"A Chaos Emerald. Didnt Twilight tell you about them?" Sonic had a bit of worry in his voice when he said that.
"No. She was busy getting some weird information from Shadow when he was here"
"Well can I have it. I really need it before its power is used for evil"
Spike looked at the Chaos Emerald again. "I dont know. It looks delicious" Spike licked his lips.
"If you try to eat it, you'll lose all your teeth. The Chaos Emeralds are indestructable"
"Well, if you really need it, then here you go" Spike said as he handed Sonic the purple gem.
"Thanks Spike" Sonic said. He then noticed how hungry Spike looked and got an idea. "Spike, are gems common to find on this world?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"I'll be right back" Sonic then zoomed out the door and came back two minutes later with an armful of gems and crystals. Spike went wide eyed at the sight of so many gems. Sonic gave them to the dragon and he began to stuff his face.
Sonic looked at the purple emerald. "This makes four Chaos Emeralds" he said.
In the Everfree Forest, Seelkadoom had woken up and saw he was by his almost complete castle. He looked around and saw a yellow gem in the ground. He went over and picked it up and smiled. Seelkadoom now had a Chaos Emerald.
Seelkadoom then used his powers to create a creature that looked like a wizard. He wore a red and black striped robe, his skin was gray, and stood on two legs. When the creature had finally saw where he was, he started to float and faced Seelkadoom.
"Thank you for bringing me back Seelkadoom. But why did you do this?" the wizard asked.
"Hello Prince Rella. I need you to conjure up Sonic's strongest enemy. He is a robot that looks similar to Sonic. He is called Mecha Sonic"
"To do that, I'll have to see Sonic's memories of this robot. I wont be long" Rella said as he disappeared. He reappeared next to Sonic completely invisible to anything that might see him. He used a spell to look in Sonic's memory.
Rella saw a robot that was a few feet taller than Sonic. He was battling Sonic, Shadow, the Mario Bros. and a green Yoshi. After a while, Rella had gathered all the information needed like his strength, abilities, and speed.
"Perfect" Rella said to himself. "I see why Seelkadoom wants me to conjure him up. Mecha Sonic is just about stronger than Sonic. And if collects the Chaos Emeralds, he will be invincible" Rella then laughed evilly to himself.
Rella then went back to Seelkadoom and they both smiled. Rella then used a spell that brought Mecha Sonic back and rebuilt. Now He was under Seelkadoom's control.
"Mecha Sonic is now in your control. But only if he gets his revenge on Sonic and Shadow and get the Chaos Emeralds"
"That is fine. If only he kills Sonic and Shadow, I can find the rest of the Chaos Emeralds" Seelkadoom said. He then walked over to the robot and activated him.
"Hello master Seelkadoom. Shall I go after Sonic and Shadow now?" Mecha Sonic asked in a deep, metalic voice.
"No, let them rest for a bit. Also, you still need to regain your full strength after that sudden rebuild"
Sonic, Rainbow Dash, Spike, and Twilight talked for a bit longer. Sonic and Rainbow went back to Sonic's tour. Rainbow decided to take Sonic to see Fluttershy. She lives in a cottage near the Everfree Forest.
They got there in 15 minutes. Sonic and Rainbow saw Fluttershy outside caring to some woodland animals. Sonic must have figured that the yellow pegasus liked caring for animals.
When the two walked up, all the animals looked up to see who was coming. When they saw Sonic, they went and gathered around them. A few bunnies jumped on his head while a humming bird landed on his finger as Sonic held it out. Squirls, chipmunks, birds, and a few bunnies surrounded Sonic.
Rainbow thought the sight was a little cute. Fluttershy came flying up and saw Sonic petting the small animals. A white bunny on Fluttershies head jumped off and went over to Sonic as well. Fluttershy giggled at the sight.
"Hello Sonic and Rainbow" the yellow pegasus said. "OK little ones. Time to get back to your lunch" When she said that, all the animals went back to eat their lunches. The bunny that was on Fluttershy's head bounced up to her. It was like Fluttershy knew what he wanted when she gave him a carrot. "There you go Angle Bunny"
Fluttershy turned her attention back to Sonic and Rainbow Dash. "Whats up?" she asked.
"Nothing much. Im giving Sonic a tour of Ponyville" Rainbow said. She looked over at Sonic who was looking over at the Everfree Forest. It looked like something was bothering him. "You OK Sonic?"
"Yeah. I just feel a familiar energy in that forest" Sonic said.
"Is it Seelkadoom?" asked Fluttershy, shaking of the memory of the scary hedgehog.
"No. I dont know who it is. All I can tell is they are strong"
"Sonic is close by" Mecha Sonic said looking towards a nearby town.
"Hmm. Maybe it is a good time to attack when Sonic's guard is down" Rella said.
"Yes" Seelkadoom said. "Mecha, GO! And bring me his Chaos Emeralds"
"Remember, I get to use the Chaos Emeralds to complete my transformation" Mecha said as he flew off.
"Whats that?" asked Fluttershy pointing a hoof at an object coming closer to Sonic, Rainbow and her.
Sonic squinted his eyes and then widened them in fear. "You two, get somewhere safe. NOW!" The two pegasai didnt waste time to find a safe place. They hid close enough to watch what was going to happen.
When the object cam to a stop, it picked up dust hiding it. All that could be seen was its silhouette. "Sonic, give me your Chaos Emeralds and I'll make your death quick" it spoke in a deep metalic voice.
The dust cleared and to the pegasai's shock, it was a robot that looked like Sonic. "Over my dead body" Sonic said as he dashed towards the robot. It dodge and punched Sonic down.
Rainbow and Rluttershy were shocked to see such a hudge robot move that fast. The robot then picked Sonic up and looked at him in the eye. "You have gotten slower since our last encounter"
Sonic smirked. "Thats what you think. Im only getting warmed up" Sonic then kicked it in the face and got to a safe distance. The robot put out an arm which turned into a gun. Sonic sreamed in fear and ran to the side just barely dodgeing the bullets.
The robot kepth trying to hit Sonic but the hedgehog was too fast. The robot's arm then changed into a missle launcher. It fired to missles and Sonic jumped over them, knocked the second into the other. The blast had sent Sonic flying.
Before the robot could grab Sonic, Rainbow Dash tackled it and flew off with Sonic. "What is that thing?" asked Rainbow.
"Its Mecha Sonic. I'll explain later" Sonic then let go of Rainbow Dash and landed a Homing Attack on Mecha Sonic.
"Rainbow Dash, distract Mecha for me" Sonic said as he started to do a spin dash, charging up his Light Speed Attack. Rainbow flew over Mecha Sonic and came flying down like a rocket. She then slamed him into the ground and flew off.
Mecha got up and also charged up his Light Speed Attack. When Sonic and Mecha were done charging, Sonic said "Here we go" and Mecha Sonic said "I'll destroy you" They then released their energy and had a Light Speed Battle. Each time they hit each other, the force knocked them back but they kept coming back.
They came dangerously close to hitting Rainbow Dash, but she managed to dodge and tried to get away.
(Stop time)
Sonic and Mech battled at light speed right next to Rainbow Dash. Sonic kicked Mecha to make sure he didnt hurt Rainbow. Mecha came back and puched Sonic. The hedgehog came back and did a Homing Attack. Mecha Sonic did a drop kick on Sonic and he round-house kicked the robot.
(Normal time)
The force of one attack knocked Rainbow back to where Fluttershy was. Sonic and Mecha seemed evenly matched until Mecha stopped and fired a missle at Sonic who was coming at him. The missle didnt kill Sonic but it knocked him out of his Light Speed Attack.
Sonic recovered and went into spin dash form again. He did a quick spin dash and a wave of blue energy came out creating a Sonic Wind attack. The attack hit Mecha square in the face.
"Give up Mecha Sonic. We are evenly matched. This can go on all day" Sonic said.
"That is where you are wrong Sonic. I managed to snatch two of your emeralds during our Light Speed Battle"
Sonic pulled out his Chaos Emeralds to see if he was telling the truth and he was. Mecha Sonic then used the power of the two Chaos Emeralds he had and gained lots of power. Sonic did the same but with one emerald.
"Only one emerald Sonic? You are a fool" Mecha said as he flew off to Sonic. The blue hedgehog dodged the robot and jumped off his head.
"CHAOS SPEAR!" Sonic said while throwing his arm in a horizontal acring motion. When he did that, a blue energy blast in the shape of a spear at the front of it. The attack hit Mecha and Sonic did another Homing Attack.
"CHAOS CONTROL!" Mecha Sonic said. He teleported away and appeared in front of Sonic grabbing his neck. "Now its time to end this.
Before Mecha could do anything else, Rainbow Dash bucked him. The robot was sent flying and Sonic grabbed his neck gasping for air. Mecha aslo dropped the Chaos Emeralds he had and Rainbow quicly picked them up.
Rainbow Dash went and gave them to Sonic and he used their power. Sonic then started to glow blue.
"Come on Sonic, send the piece of junk to the scrap yard" Rainbow cheered.
Sonic used Chaos Control and teleported to Mecha Sonic. Sonic then started to glow red. "CHAOS" Sonic said as he built up more power. "BLAST" Sonic released a blasted of red energy which destroyed everything that it touched except Mecha Sonic. The robot was blasted so far that he was now back with Seelkadoom.
The grey hedgehog growled that Sonic won. But then again, he did find the green Chaos Emerald while Mecha was fighting. Mecha Sonic got up and Seelkadoom handed him the two Chaos Emeralds.
"These could have been useful during my fight" Mecha said.
"I only had one at the time. Also Sonic has four emeralds" Seelkadoom said. He then walked into his castle the was now completed. He had sent Rella out to find the seventh emerald before Sonic did.
Rella had found the white emerald in a city made of clouds and luckily it blended in with the clouds so no one found it. He returned to Seelkadoom and he gave it to Mecha Sonic.

Chapter 7:

Nights was flying through the air looking for a blue hedgehog. Nights wears a jesture hat with purple and black stripes, a red vest, a white undershirt that covers his entire arms, and purple leggings. He had peach colored skin and baby blue eyes.
"Where is Sonic? I sense his presence" Nights said to himself. He continued to look for his friend.
Nights then heard a loud explosion in a nearby town. He turned towards the sound and saw a red explosion by a forest. "Is that Shadow?" Nights said feeling a strong source of energy.
The wizard then flew towards the source of energy.
Sonic had walked back to where Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were. Fluttershy was scared and Rainbow was trying to get her to calm down. When the blue pegasus finally got her calm she stood up.
"That was awesome Sonic! How were you able to move faster than when you raced me?" Rainbow said in excitement.
"I used my Light Speed Attack. It allows me to move at the speed of light" Sonic said.
"Really? Now I feel really slow compared to you" Dash said.
"Come on Dashie, I can only use it when I really need to take down my enemy down fast" That made Rainbow Dash feel better.
"Sonic!" a voice called out. Sonic looked behind himself and saw a wizard flying towards him.
"Night? Nights!" Sonic called back.
Nights flew up to Sonic and hugged him. Sonic returned the hug. "Nights how have you been?" Sonic asked as Nights put him down.
"Great. What about you?"
"Im doing awesome"
Fluttershy walked up to the two friends and noticed how Nights looked and floated. "Sonic, who is this?"
"Im Nights the wizard" Nights said. He then noticed her wings. "Cool a pegasus"
"Whats a wizard?" asked Rainbow Dash.
"A wizard is someone who can use magic and choose how to use it" Nights said. "I mainly use my magic for fun and to pull jokes"
"So you are kind of like a unicorn" Fluttershy said.
The four talked about how Nights and Sonic know each other. The two talked about how they got hear; Nights got here by his Saphire acting up and sending him here. (Nights' Saphire is a reference to Sonic RPG)
After a bit, Rainbow desided to continue with Sonic's tour of Ponyville. They left to see Rarity and Nights went to explore the town.
In Canterlot, Shadow was walking in the hedge maze by the palace. He decided to take a look around and see what was inside the maze.
He then heard metal hitting the ground. Shadow turned around and saw Mecha Sonic. This surprised the balck hedgehog.
"Mecha Sonic? How are you back?" asked Shadow.
"That is none of your concern. Give me the Chaos Emerald you posses and I shall let you live this once" Mecha Sonic said.
"In you dreams Mecha. I will never give you the emerald"
"OK then, its your funeral" Mecha then charged at Shadow. He punched the hedgehog making him go through many walls of the hedge maze.

(Play I Am All of Me, Theme os Shadow the Hedgehog)

Shadow got up, growling. He charged up his Chaos Torrent while glowing red. When he was done charging up, Shadow put his hands in front of himself.
"Chaos Torrent" Shadow said as he realesed the energy. A blast of red energy came from his hands and it hit Mecha Sonic square in the chest.
Mecha was sent into the castle wall. When he got up, he saw Shadow coming with a charged Chaos Spear.
"Chaos Spear" Shadow said as he swung his arm and a Chaos Spear hit Mecha in the face.
"You'll pay for that hedgehog" Mecha Sonic said. He then powered up using his three Chaos Emeralds that he was given. The three emeralds circled him and filled the robot with power.
Before Mecha Sonic was done powering up, Shadow grabbed a Chaos Emerald. He too powered up.
The two fought each other with incredible speed. Punching, kicking, and throwing energy blasts at each other.
They soon crashed through the castle wall and landed in the throne room. The two princesses and the guards were surprised to see this.
Shining Armor ordered his soldiers to help Shadow. But Mecha Sonic blasted them all away with Chaos Blast. They werent killed but unconsious.
"What is that thing sister?" Luna asked Celestia refering to Mecha Sonic.
"I dont know. I never seen anything like it" Celestia replied. "But what ever it is, Shadow needs help defeating it" Luna nodded.
The two sisters charged their horns ready to blast the robot. When Shadow was directly infront of the princesses, he had is back to them. He knew what the sisters were doing.
Shadow jumped up and the princesses saw Mecha Sonic coming. They then shot out a beam of magic at the robot.
It seemed to hurt it because it stopped dead in its tracks and screamed. Shadow then kicked it in the head and shot a Chaos Torrent.
The blast shot Mecha Sonic into the wall. The impact instantly made it go to Offline Mode. The Chaos Emeralds then rebooted the robot and Mecha got back up.
"Shadow, you and those two horses will pay for what you did" Mecha Sonic said. "I will finish this battle now. CHAOS" Mecha then started to glow red.
"Celestia, Luna, put up a shield around me and him" Shadow said.
"What? Why?" asked Luna worried about Shadow.
"Just do it" Shadow then started to glow red too. "CHAOS"
"BLAST" both the hedgehog and robot said. They both realesed their energy and unleashed a Chaos Blast. Just in time, the princesses put up a force field arount the two. The shield started to crack, but it held up through the entire attack.
When the attack subsided, the princesses cut off the shield. They saw the robot smoking and Shadow out of breath.
"They seemed to be evenly matched" Celestia said.
Luna then felt a strong energy from the two that were fighting. She reconized the power from the Chaos Emerald. Shadow had showed her it and she felt an extreme amount of power from it. She felt the same thing but in a much more quanity.
Sonic and Rainbow Dash were walking around Ponyville, heading to Rarity's Carousel Boutique. Sonic knocked on the door when they got there.
A filly unicorn answered the door. Her coat was white like Rarity's, her mane was purple with light pink streaks, and her eyes were a pale green. She had no mark on her flank.
"Hi Rainbow Dash" said the filly. "Who is the hedgehog?"
"Hey Sweetie Belle, this is Sonic" Rainbow said. Sonic waved slightly.
"Hey Sonic. Im Rarity's little sister. Did anyone tell you that you look a lot like..."
"Shadow? Yes" Sonic said interupting the filly unicorn.
Sweetie Belle let them in and Sonic and Rainbow saw two other fillies playing. One a rgular pony filly and the pther was a pegasus filly. The pony had a yellow coat, red mane, and orange eyes. She had a big pink bow in her mane and also had no mark on her flank. The pegasus filly had an orange coat, a purple mane, light purple eyes, and doesnt have a mark too.
The two other fillies stopped and looked at Sonic and Rainbow Dash.
"Hey Rainbow Dash" the pegasus filly said.
"Hey Rainbow" said the pony filly.
"Hey Applebloom, hey Scootaloo" Rainbow Dash said.
The two fillies then noticed Sonic. They were curious about him. "Who are you?" asked the Applebloom.
"Im Sonic, the Fastest Thing Alive" the hedgehog replied.
Scootaloo got mad at what Sonic said. "No your not, thats Rainbow Dash. I bet you are not even fast"
"Oh really? Well, I beat Rainbow Dash in a race a few days ago" Sonic said.
The pegasus filly didnt believe him. She looked at Rainbow Dash. "Is that true?" Rainbow nodded. Scootaloo couldnt believe that. How could a someone that cant fly be faster than Rainbow Dash?
Rarity came into the room and she was surprised that Sonic and Rainbow Dash were here.
"Hello Sonic and Rainbow. What brings you here?" asked the white unicorn.
"Im showing Sonic around town" Rainbow said.
"Thats very nice of you Rainbow Dash" Rarity said. She then got an idea. "Sonic, do you mind if i make you an outfit?"
"Umm... Sure" Sonic said. Rarity grabbed him by her magic pulling him up to her designing room.
"Tia, I believe both of them has a Chaos Emerald, if not at least two" Luna said to her sister. "If Im right, we have to get that thing's emeralds to give Shadow the upper hand"
"I think that might work. But how are we going to get them away from it?" Celestia asked.
Shadow and Mecha Sonic were at it again: throwing punches, kicks, energy blasts etc. The two alicorn sisters finally thought of how to get Mecha's Chaos Emeralds, they would hold the robot and Shadow would attack until it dropped the emeralds. Then the three would destroy it. Luna had telepathicly told Shadow the plan. (Dont ask about the plan, I couldnt think of anything else except attack wildly)
The two princess used their magic to hold Mecha Sonic in the air. The robot struggled to get out and was going to. The two had a hard time trying to keep the robot in their magical grip.
Mecha was about out until Shadow started to shoot a volley of energy attack at the robot. Mecha stopped struggling against his restraint and strarted to struggle to block the attacks. His attempts were futile.
After about two minutes, Shadow stopped. He charged a Chaos Torrent with the rest of the energy he had left and fired. Mecha Sonic shut down and dropped his Chaos Emeralds.
The princesses and Shadow then let out a devestating attack of blows to the robot. When they stopped attacking, Mecha Sonic had dents and had sparks flying.

(Music Ends)

Shadow walked over and picked up the Chaos Emeralds. As he grabbed one, Mecha Sonic powered back up. This surprised everyone.
Before Shadow or the princesses could attack, Mecha Sonic teleported away.
"Shadow what was that metal being?" asked Celestia. "It looked like Sonic"
"That was Mecha Sonic. A robot made to match Sonic's speed, strength, abilities, and looks. He was defeated by me and Sonic but now he is back somehow" Shadow explained.
"Where did it go?" asked Luna.
"I think he went to go repair itself" Shadow said.
"You almost done?" asked Sonic, standing on a stand so Rarity can meassure him.
"Almost. Now please be still" Rarity said.
In about two minutes, Rarity finished measuring Sonic. "Done. Come back tomorrow. I'll have you outfit ready by then" Rarity said.
"OK. See ya later" Sonic said as he ran out the door. Rainbow was downstairs playing with the fillies when she saw Sonic come down and run out the door.
"Hey! Wait up!" Rainbow exclaimed trying to catch up the the hedgehog.
The fillies were surprise at Sonic's speed. "Wow. He is fast" Scootaloo said.
"So Dashie, where next?" Sonic asked, letting Rainbow catch up.
"I cant think of anywhere else. You wanna just hang out?" Rainbow said.
"Sure" Sonic said. He liked the idea of hanging out with Rainbow Dash.
Nights was flying around Ponyville when he saw a lavender unicorn. He got an idea to play a trick on her.
Nights floated down making sure the unicorn didnt see him. He then zapped the back of the unicorn's head.
"Ow" said the unicorn. She turned around to see what zapped her but she saw nothing. She then got zapped again. When she turned back around, she again didnt see anything.
"What zapped me?" she asked herself. She coninued to walk.
The unicorn was zapped again. She turned around but, as the last time, nothing was there. The unicorn then heard giggling.
The unicorn quicly turned around and saw a weird creature floating there. It then burst into laughter.
"Whats so funny?" the unicorn said.
Nights continued to laugh.
"Did you hear me?" asked the unicorn.
"I heard you" Nights said after calming down. "Its just that its so easy to sneak up on you"
"Just who do you think you are?" the unicorn said.
"Im Nights" Nights said bowing to the unicorn. "And who might you be?"
The unicorn was surprised be the sudden change in behavior. "Im Twilight Sparkle" she said. "Its nice to meet you Nights"
"Hello Twilight. It was nice meeting with you but I shall be off" Nights said. Before he flew off, he conjured up a bokay of flowers and giving them to Twilight. She blushed.
Nights later met Pinkie Pie. He tried to scare her by using a loud noise but it back fired on him.
When Nights was about to scare Pinkie, the pony heard him and she pulled out her Party Cannon out of nowhere. Pinkie faced the wizard and fired.
The sound from the cannon was loud enough to startle Nights. His spell to keep himself flying cancled out and he fell to the ground. Pinkie walked over to see if Nights was hurt or not.
Pinkie Pie looked down at him. "Are you OK?" she asked. Nights then started to hiccup. Pinkie then burst out laughing. "Hahaha! I scared you and you got the hiccups!"
Nights got up and looked at the pink pony, who was now one her back laughing. He couldnt help but laugh with the pony.
"Im *HIC!* OK. Im Nights. *HIC!* Who are you?" asked Nights.
"Im Pinkie Pie. Its great to meet you Nights. Say, you look strange" Pinkie said.
"Thats because Im *HIC!* a wizard. I can use magic to do *HIC!* all sorts of things" explained Nights.
"Like a unicorn!" exclaimed the pink pony.
"Why is that Pinkie?"
"Unicorns can use magic too. If you want to reall know more, there is a book at the Golden Oaks Librar about unicorn magic"
"Thanks Pinkie. See ya later" Nights said as he left for the library.

(To be Continued)

Sonic The Hedgehog/MLP: Friendship Lives On chapters 1-4) LCgsuP2
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