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PostSubject: Dijiri's Echo   Dijiri's Echo EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 4:57 pm

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The sun has risen on a plain lust with greenery. There is a high mountainside over looking the nearby village of Krepial. From the horizon there is a large dragon large slanted blue eyes with red scales and long black wings with white stripes. On the back of the flying dragon there is a boy with spiked pinkish hair, clear glasses, a blue jacket with a black shirt, and a cross necklace with an eye holding on to the in flight dragon. The boy begins to speak. "Dijiri are we there yet?" The dragon turned his head and began to speak. "Yes Lee we are almost there, hang on I am going to land". The dragon named Dijiri and lands on the mountain range. The boy's name is Lee Echo, one day on the way to school he got lost in a cave trying to avoid a storm. He found a cross necklace that gave off a strange light. The light guided him deeper into the cave. Once deep into the cave Lee found a weakened and wounded dragon. Lee promised to take care of the dragon and then they made a pact. The dragon was absorbed into the necklace and since that day the two have promised to protect each other. On the mouthintop Lee begins to speak to Dijiri. "So Dijiri I think that's the village down there. The one that hurt you and had you suffering is supposed to be down in that village." Dijiri sighs, closes his eyes then begins to speak. "Lee i can't face that person. He beat me even when I had all of my power. If I face him again I might not be so lucky this time." Lee pats Dijiri in encouragement. "Dijiri don't worry I am here along with you. Together we can face that person and we will win. I promise you Dijiri." A tear falls from Dijiri's face as he looks at lee. "Okay Lee, if you are with me I promise to fight my hardest." Lee smiles. "Okay let's start by getting information. You should head back inside my cross." Lee holds up the cross to Dijiri and then dijiri in enveloped in a bright white light. The light goes into the cross necklace and then Lee places the cross back around his neck.
Dijiri was teleported inside of the necklace but he can still hear and talk with Lee. Lee starts to walk down the mountain path with a smile. "Dijiri trust me we will put an end to that guy's evil ways. Let's go Dijiri!

Chapter 2: The Enemy

Lee heads down the mountain path and begins to talk with the villagers. Lee explains who is looking for. As soon as he explains the villagers run away. One person in the village points to a far off building away from the village. The person says that who they are looking for is there. Lee grasps his necklace and runs toward the building. After a few hours Lee gets to the building. It looks like a mansion built for a royal family. Lee begins talking to Dijiri through cross. "Dijiri I believe this may be the place. Let's look around." After some looking around there is a large earthquake and the mansion disappears and is replaced with a large mountain. There is a chilling breeze behind Lee and then Lee hears a villainous voice behind him. "You don't belong here boy turn back if you value your life". Lee turns on his heel and backs a few feet back quickly. Lee looks up and sees a dangerous looking person. Lee studders to speak. "Wh.....wh....who ar......are...you?" The man has an evil grin to his face. "HAHAHAHAHA you afraid boy? You should be scared because I am the great Bilaterus. My name sends entire civilizations to their knees." The man has long silver hair with glowing red eyes and is wearing a long black cloak and Lee can see that he has fangs. Lee whispers to Dijiri in the cross. "Dijiri this is the guy? Is he the one that hurt you?" Dijiri hesitates to speak. "Y...yes that's the guy. We can't fight this guy let's just go back and forget about this." Lee stands up and faces Bilaterus. "Like hell! We will put an end to him today!" "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Lee charges at bilaterus and jumps into the air. "Take this!" Lee holds his hand over his head and a large silver orb appears. Lee closes his eyes and speaks only two words. "Dragon Tears". The orb of Lee's expands into the sky and millions of bright, crystal shards the size of small daggers all charge at Bilaterus. Bilaterus shows an evil grin. Bilaterus is able to dodge every crystal.
Bilaterus is moving at a high rate of speed. Lee cannot keep up with his speed. Before Lee can react Bilaterus is in front of him. Lee feels a little bit weird and has a tingling sensation in his stomach. He looks down and sees a long, silver sword piercing his stomach and sees his bright red blood oozing onto the sword. Lee lets out a loud scream and then faints. Bilaterus smiles again. "Hm, just a pathetic waste of potential." Bilaterus throws Lee off of the side of the mountain then walks away calmly with his long silver hair and cloak blowing in the wind. Lee is falling towards the ground and Dijiri is yelling to Lee but he doesn't hear. Lee is talking with himself in his mind. Lee is in a dark place which is the recesses of his mind. "Wh....what is this place? That's right Bilaterus killed me. This must either be Heaven or Hell. I guess I should just let this darkness take me over. Well at least I have you Dijiri." Lee looks around the sees that he is alone. "I am all alone. I promised Dijiri I would protect him but......" Lee begins to cry and then at that moment he hears a strange voice. "e......ee........LEE.....wake up, snap out of it!!!!!!" Lee opens his eyes and sees he is falling to the ground but his wound has healed. Dijiri.....DIJIRI HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!" Lee is close to hitting the ground. Lee takes off his cross necklace and throws it at the ground. The necklace shines and is enveloped in a bright light. Dijiri appears from the light and flies upward towards the falling Lee. Lee grabs holds of Dijiri and they fly to the top of the mountain. "Bilaterus!!! you can't defeat us that easily!!" Dijiri steps in front of Lee. "Bilaterus today I will defeat you and get my revenge!!!" Bilaterus lets out a evil laugh. "MUWAHAHAHAHA. You do realize you will die right even if you were to defeat me. Dijiri steps forward. "I don't care! As long as Lee is safe I don't care." At that moment there is a bright blinding light in the sky. Everyone looks up.
A great silver sword with what looks like a dragon wrapped around it appears out of the light. Dijiri realizes what it is and so does Bilaterus and Lee. "Th.....that's the.....the Kai-Blade!! The sword of legend. It is said that the Kai-Blade can destroy entire civilizations in a single slash!! But why is it here?" Lee steps from behind Dijiri. "It doesn't matter we can use it! Lee hops up using Dijiri as a platform and grabs the hilt of the sword. "I got it!" When Lee lands there is a loud rumbling. Lee looks at the sword and it is turning a bright red. Before Dijiri can say anything there is an explosion where Lee and the sword was. Now there is just a giant cloud of smoke. There are tears in Dijiri's eyes. "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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